100% direct solar refrigerators with internal autonomy


2IDEA manufactures in France , cooling and freezing processes for places which are not connected to power grid, avoiding the use of expensive and limited lifetime batteries. refrigerators 180L are directly connected to the photovoltaic module located outdoor, on a roof or a terrace. The extra energy of the day is transformed and stored not in batteries but in a cold container inserted into the heart of the evaporator, the Ecotainer, to be released slowly during the night and no-sunny days, and to maintain the quality of the cold in autonomy for 3-4 days according to the outside temperature.

Available in 180 liters, the fridges are equipped with this original and patented device, fully reversible and stable in time.

refrigerators are suitable for many kinds of application: Home, Business (catering, hotel and resort, tourism industry, alimentary retailing and selling including street markets,…) and Medical (vaccine and medicine preservation in ACP -African, Caribbean and Pacific- countries).
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Solar refrigerators/freezers powered on battery

RCSI refrigerators - freezers are designed and manufactured in France according to high quality and reliability standards. They can be used either as a refrigerator or a freezer. The inside temperature is programmable on the digital control board located on the front of the appliance
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Upright refrigerators/freezers

has designed and manufactures the first super-insulated upright refrigerators and freezers. In front of every of the 7 shelves, an unbreakable plastic flap keep the cold inside when opening. Available in 360L capacity, these appliances can be powered by direct photovoltaic, with an autonomy by Ecotainer® or by 24V battery.
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3-way running 85L refrigerator and 65L freezer

Difficult to accommodate a refrigerator and a freezer in a leisure vehicle... With you will carry out this exploit successfully. Here are twice devices presenting a good volume and especially a small 47,5 cm width. It’s impossible to make more compact...

3 power supplies can be simultaneously connected (photovoltaic, AC-DC converter and 12V battery). An electronic module switches automatically the energy sources giving always priority to photovoltaic solar supply.
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FREECOLD FrigoMobile

The FrigoMobile is the ideal solution to develop micro-entreprises in rural or suburban area without electrification. It is made up of a 210L solar fridge, a 240Wp photovoltaic module, a solar energy to create an animation by a lighting spot , a USB-DUO kit to charge mobile phones and a steel tube cart. 2IDEA makes available for free, manufacturing drawings but can also provide the complete cart either ready assembled or as a kit (flatpack).
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